Only One Democrat Stood with Immigrant Communities on Omnibus FY23 Vote

December 23rd, 2022

The 117th Congress under the Biden-Harris administration has had the privilege and responsibility of governing with a trifecta – control of the House, Senate & White House. Such a standpoint should have meant that Democrats lead with dignity, respect and uphold the inherent value of all immigrants. Unfortunately to date, that has seldom been the case. It is down right disgraceful that our government can find space, time and resources to support preferred communities according to white supremacist values and not those in the global majority whose organizations like Adhikaar, African Communities Together, Haitian Bridge Alliance, National Network of Arab American Communities & UndocBlack Network represents. 

Instead as is evident in this omnibus FY23 package, the 117th Congress is being asked to support a funding bill that gives billions of dollars of funding for Immigration Customs & Enforcement (ICE) and Customs & Border Patrol to hire more agents and surveil our communities, maintain the status quo of the Anti-Black immigration detention system, target people with visa overstays, failure to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act and a deliberate omission of life saving immigration provisions. 

Lacking in any good conscience and more importantly with the foresight that supporting these types of policies lead to real life consequences including criminalization, lack of access to basic human necessities, resources and ultimately death. CUSP firmly supports and thanks Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for boldly standing with immigrant communities with a no vote against the omnibus. Despite any good that may be in this bill, we reject the selfish choice that the Democrats have presented us because we know that even in the difficult world of politics – compromise is possible.

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